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i wish he was my boyfriend...


If you want to be more than friends or a booty-call than SAY THAT, don't settle if you want more.

Here are some clues that your boo is not that into you...

  • If you're the only one asking questions (especially if they don't even reply with "you?") in your conversations whether it's in person or over text.

It implies they're not interested in learning more about you.

  • If you're hanging out past 8pm (with the exception of night owls, like people in the bar industry).

It means you're hooking up.

  • If you're fighting for someones attention.

You shouldn't have to convince someone to love you.

If a relationship has to be a secret, than you should not be in it.

"people don't change, they reveal who they really are."

In my opinion, relationships are a combination of sex, similar interest, and timing. For me it's usually the 5th date where I determine if I even like this person. I ask myself, "are they fun?", "do I like myself when I'm around them?", "have our conversations escalated to more than small talk?", "do we share similar interest, values?"...etc.

Don't be someone's "sometimes".

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