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(Christmas 2017)

Natarajasana (dancer's pose) - Standing leg is neutral but firm & grounded, hamstrings are extended, lifted hip is extended but neutral, chest is open, and abs are in.

I drove to Arizona with the grandpa of the family I nanny for in La Jolla. They are also from Arizona and were heading home for the holidays. Grandpa isn't elderly, he is like my parents age, and we had a nice 5 1/2 hour conversation driving into the desert. He's hilarious! Working for and being around people who are from where I'm from makes me feel like they understand a part of me that my new California friends and co-workers never will. When people can relate to your story in any way I always think that feels good.

Virabhadrasana A (warrior A with thunderbolt arms) and Svarga Dvijasana (birds of paradise) - front knee is bent deep, back foot spins flat, hips are squared, belly pulls in, chest lifts up, and arms extend up and back as you interlace your hands together pointer fingers up (warrior A), all four corners of your standing foot ground down, standing knee can be softly bent, hips stay squared, extend leg reaching up as hip draws down, shoulders down and back, heart lifted (birds of paradise)

While I was in town I got to see two of my good friends and their kids and take (2) yoga classes from a couple of my favorite teachers.

Anuvittasana (standing backbend) and Virabhadrasana C (warrior C with bind)- both feet press firmly into the ground, hips draw forward, heart lifts up and back as arms extend and chin lifts (standing backbend), standing foot presses into the earth, standing knee can have as much bend as you need, hips are squared towards the ground, tailbone reaches back as the crown of your head reaches forward, belly pulls in towards spine, lifted heels presses back, arms reach back interlacing the palms with the pointer fingers back (warrior C)

The day after Christmas my sister Emma came with my to Wickenberg to visit with my dad's side of the family. It was so nice to see all my cousins and their kids.

What I learned on this trip, is that now San Diego feels like my home. I also learned that I need to rent a car when I'm in town because everything I want to do is far apart. I'm glad I got to visit with my family and friends, and take some good yoga classes to recenter myself and realign my practice as a yogi.

If you have any questions about yoga, or starting your own practice feel free to email me at: moderngypsydream@gmail.com

photos by my sister Emma (IG: liquidsunshinephotos)

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