• Britt Thomas

HopeFULL romantic.

Date someone you can have fun with at the grocery store. Someone who is home and an adventure all at once.

Someone who believes in you when you don't.

People always tell me when giving me dating advice, "what about meeting someone at yoga?" And even though it makes sense, it's hard to explain to someone that "yoga people" are just as non-committed ~ not looking to be your boyfriend ~ as the rest of the dating pool. Sometimes worse (in my experience). I think it's harder to get over someone I meet through yoga, because both of us are searching for the same things in life, and we connect on a deeper level.

To be completely honest, I have met guys who are students in my yoga class...

Apparently I have a type. They're all younger than me, into fitness, and diving deeper into spirituality.

It's like I am addicted to their youth, afraid to face my own reality of "growing up".

Part of the appeal to moving to Pacific Beach San Diego was exactly that. It's like Neverland over here, and I love it!

For me - intimacy is not sex, it is not where my attachment is formed. It's sleepovers, and sleeping next to someone night after night...and waking up to them each morning. In my experience it forms a co-dependency, and then I feel "off" or sad when I'm not sleeping next to that person. I slept next to the same man for almost 5 years and when that ended, it took me a long time to get close to someone in that way again. For the past few years, I have avoided the sleepover stage of a relationship. I would think of any reason to leave in the middle of the night, or if we "went to bed" late I would bail a couple hours later (early in the morning).

This past year I met someone who made me break my own rules. It all started because he just slept over and I felt too awkward to wake him up and ask him to leave. (maybe my subconscious knew he was my next love) I remember going into the kitchen and telling my best friend (who I lived with at the time) that he had fallen asleep and I was nervous to have him sleepover. She encouraged me to try it out...so I did.

I'll leave what happened between us for my next post...stay tuned! :)

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