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Barre Body

Pacific Beach, CA

I started teaching at Barre Body - Pacific Beach in March of this year, about a month after I moved back to San Diego. I taught Barre Pilates back home in Arizona for the past few years, so when I moved I wanted to continue to teach. I love Barre because it targets different muscle groups throughout the class, but works your core the entire time. I think pairing barre with yoga and having those as my two main forms of exercise has been a great fit for my body. I have also made some really great friends with a couple of the instructors at Barre Body!

The reason it's called "Barre" Pilates, is because the class incorporates a ballet barre into the class. Ballet uses French words for terminology, so since Barre is based on ballet-type alignment it's spelled "Barre" instead of "Bar", but pronounced the same way.

When clients ask how much weight they'll lose or calories they'll burn I always tell them it varies from each person. What I do see with any client who commits to barre 3 times per week for at least month the results are in inches. For me personally, it's like my body weight might stay the same but my muscles firm up, my waist shrinks in, and my booty lifts up. So I think it tones the body and builds incredible core, but if someone is looking for a more high intensity in their workout I would suggest pairing Barre Pilates with something else like a Circuit or Resistance training class.

If you have any questions about Barre Pilates, or your workout routine in general feel free to send me an email:

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