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Relationship Goals : Aaron & Jenny

Pacific Beach, San Diego

Recently I had the pleasure of taking photos of my two friends Aaron and Jenny. I met them at their place in Bay Ho, which is about 10 minutes east of where I live (Pacific Beach).

This past year I didn't take too many pictures of other people because I booked more modeling jobs, and I like waiting for the right muses. These two are totally RELATIONSHIP GOALS! I am stoked that they were interested in letting me take photos of them.

Meet Jenny.

IG: jennythenutritionist


This red-haired-Leo-goddess is not only beautiful on the outside, but she s beautiful on inside as well. Like many other Leo signs she enters a room and lights it up with her own shine. Not only is she strong AF, but she also knows a lot about nutrition.

Jenny gave me my first matcha experience. She made me this wonderful tea made with matcha and coconut milk. It was delicious, and I am totally obsessed with match now.

Since she knows her way around the kitchen, I thought it would be fun to take some photos of her in action. Jenny describes herself as a "plant mom", and has all of these incredible plants she takes care of in her home.

Meet Aaron.

IG: aaron_straker

I met Aaron last summer when I briefly dated his roommate. A couple months ago he started becoming a regular to the Tuesday night Slow Flow yoga class I teach. It warms my heart when people give yoga a try, and then stick with it because they see the benefits. Like Jenny, Aaron mostly works out at a gym, but the two of them have found that incorporating stretching into their weekly routines has helped them recover faster and push themselves harder at the gym

They also have this amazing backyard, and a hammock...

(It is unheard of to have a yard in San Diego...unless you are wealthy or live in East County)

So these two hit the real estate jackpot when they decided to rent this place with a yard. The hammock just adds that extra tranquility that every backyard needs.

Jenny started joining Aaron in my Slow Flow yoga class a couple weeks later and now claims she's addicted.

ln my opinion, people who crave a deeper understanding of who they truly are use yoga as a tool to achieve that.

Seeing these two together and witnessing the amount of love they have for each other inspires me. It makes me believe in fate.

Like most hopeless romantics, I dream of the happily-ever-after kind of love. I think it is a special thing when two people that complement each other so well link up.

DESTINY is just have to have faith.

If you're in love and want some pictures with you boo-thang email me for my rates and availability!

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