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My Yoga Diary - August 2018

San Diego, CA

(photo by my sister Emma - IG: thatbravegirl)

This past year and a half my yoga journey has been different from the previous years because I moved to a new city. I originally started practicing yoga where I'm from (Scottsdale, AZ), and used to take vinyasa classes at least 3X per week. I had at least five teachers I looked up to and loved taking there classes. I had countless yoga friends that I would see at the studios or yoga events I went to, which gave me a feeling of community. When I moved to San Diego, I found it challenging to find teachers I was obsessed with. I started to think there was no hope, and that my practice might never be the same...but then a few things happened.

First, I started dating this yogi who turned into one of my best friends. He loves handstands just like me, and he helped inspire me to go back to my handstand training. Together, him and I spend HOURS discussing all aspects of yoga, life lessons, and in our free time we PLAY!

Next, I started taking a Yin yoga class on Saturday nights from a teacher I really like. She has a lot of knowledge and spirituality and has helped me feel more connected to myself lately.I started mediating more this year, and I think it has helped me appreciate more therapeutic yoga practices such as Yin. Lastly, I recently went through a specialized yoga teacher training and took a weekend workshop from an incredible teacher. The two weekends of learning and practicing really helped me with a new outlook on my San Diego yoga journey.

Like I mentioned above, about a month ago I went through an intensive yoga teacher training (Buti Yoga certification).

It was (2) long days of hard work, but I am PROUD to say I passed and I am officially a Buti Yoga instructor! If you have never heard of Buti yoga, and have no idea what I'm talking about, Buti yoga is a mixture of power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, conditioning, and ab toning. Think HIIT (high intensity interval training) mixed with yoga and twerking :)

One thing I have really been into lately is listening to podcasts while I foam roll. Since I LOVE music, and part of my career involves listening to a lot of music, it is nice to switch it up and listen to a podcast. I like that podcasts are FREE and that there are so many different topics and genres to pick from. As expected I'm drawn to podcasts involving self-care, self-love, or just every day people who are bringing awareness to this human experience we're all having. If foam rolling or some type of self-myofascial release is not part of your practice / weekly life, I strongly encourage adding it in. The benefits from this type of self-physical-therapy can help treat muscle immobility and relieve pain by relaxing the contracted muscles, while also improving blood and lymphatic circulation.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I recently started learning more about meditation. In my opinion meditation is a form of mind control. I personally struggle with anxiety, and would prefer not to have to take medication to calm down. The more I am able to practice meditation, the more I feel in control of my thoughts and emotions. There is an app I have been using called One Giant Mind that I learned about from a couple yogi's I follow on Instagram. The creator of this program hosts a teacher training a couple times a year in New York, and I hope to one day get to learn from him in person. I think his technique is helpful when learning about meditation and starting to incorporate meditation into your every day life. If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of mediation here are some reasons why choosing to meditate could improve your life: reduces stress, helps with anxiety, promotes emotional health, enhances self-awareness, lengthens attention span, helps with memory loss, improves sleep, and decreases blood pressure.

Want to learn more about yoga, or deepen your practice? Schedule a session with me :)

Don't live in San Diego? No problem! I help clients virtually through FaceTime and Skype.

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