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Summer Vacation - My trip to Wisconsin

Door County, WI​

The condo.

This summer I took a trip to Wisconsin, where my dad is from.

Growing up my family and I would spend time in a town called Door County, which is on a peninsula between Green Bay and Lake Michigan. My grandparents owned a condo that has now been passed down to my Aunt Kathy who lives in Milwaukee, WI most of the year. My dad still takes a long car ride from Arizona to Wisconsin every summer, and this summer I decided to meet him there.

I had not been back to the condo in Door County for 15 years prior to this trip, and I wanted to visit and see all the places we went as kids with fresh eyes (as an adult). The condo is in the middle of a bunch of trees, so when walking around sometimes you don't even see the sky which I love! It's so different from where I live (San Diego), or where I'm from (Arizona).

One of my favorite parts about the condo are these stairs you take down to the lake, park, and town of Sister Bay. It was interesting noticing the differences of a small town compared to living in California where everything is crowded and busy.

Door County is known for it's cherries, fish fry's, lighthouses, scenic views, and for the peace and serenity it provides from being so secluded.

Some of the other local towns my dad and I visited were: Ellison Bay , Ephraim, Fish Creek, and Bailey's Harbor.

We spent a lot of time relaxing, because my dad has been in a lot of physical pain these last few years. I am always on the go, so for me to have to slow down and just "chill" meant I had to really let go of the need to feel productive.

Some of the other places I visited on my trip was a restaurant called Wilson's where we used to always get ice cream cones and watch the sunset by the lake across the street. My Aunt Kathy had worked there during college so it has always been a special place to my family. I also went to this old fashion candy store and to a couple different lakes surrounding the peninsula.

I finally got to visit my Aunt Janice's cooking school in Door County. It was nice spending time with her and my Uncle Mike.

If you are looking to explore cooking school, or have an interest in taking a cooking trip overseas, you should check out my aunt's school The Savvory Spoon.


My dad and I got to visit some of the art exhibits in Door County, and this was one called Edgewood Orchard Galleries. It had some beautiful sculptures, and what made it even cooler is that you walk through the woods to look at the different art pieces.

On my last full day in Door County my dad and I tried to eat breakfast at this popular Swedish restaurant called Al Johnson's but it was too busy, so we ate somewhere else instead. It's cute how they have a grass roof with goats on top! (see pic above)

Overall my trip was good!I spent (5) days with family not wearing makeup in nature. Even though I was hanging out with a 60+ crowd for a few days, it felt like what I needed. To relax. I have been so focused on finding work, and making enough money to pay my bills that it's been hard for me to just "chill". It was nice to spend time with my dad and his side of the family, and it was comforting going to a place I had always liked to visit as a kid.

Thinking of taking a trip to the midwest? You can email me about Door County, WI

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