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My Yoga Diary - January 2019

Pacific Beach, San Diego - CA

photos by: Chris Tran



To me, the beauty of the practice is that it is ever-changing and shifting with the flow of your life.

High Crescent Lunge (Alanasana) - Front knee deep bend, back leg is extended, and back heel is lifted. Torso is squared forward and in this variation hands are at heart center. For the past year that I have been teaching yoga I've been calling this pose by the wrong Sanskrit name, "Anjaneyasana" instead of Alanasana. When I remembered that in Indian mythology, Anjani is Hanamans mother it makes sense that LOW Crescent Lunge is actually Anjaneyasana, because it prepares us for 1/2 or full spilts (Hanaman).

Recently, I decided to take a break from Instagram starting the day after my 32nd birthday. To me, it feels similar to how I felt when I stopped drinking alcohol. The fear that if I'm around it, I'll go back to using it. After a month, I have already lost hundreds of followers.

Who cares right? Most of those people I don't know personally, or they could be robot accounts that followed me because of certain hashtags I've used or something. The reason I decided to take a break from Instagram is because I was addicted, I was obsessed. It started to affect an important relationship in my life, and that's when I decided it was not worth my time. At least not for right now.

Tree Pose (Vrksasana) 1/2 lotus variation - Standing leg can have a soft bend, lifted heel will come to opposite hip crease, chest is open and lifted, and in this variation arms are open to a small V first finger and thumb touching in Gyana Mudra (chin mudra - increases creativity & brings in universal consciousness).

Modified Side Angle (Utthita Parsvakonasana) - Front knee deep bend, back leg is extended with back foot flat to the floor. Front forearm down on same side thigh (still lifting through the midline), outside side body lengthens long. In this variation hands in Gyana Mudra.

This month I started teaching more at the studios I work at, and it's been an adjustment. I like to put thought into each class I teach, so teaching more can at times feel overwhelming. What I've learned in the past couple weeks, is to plan one class for each type and then repeat throughout the week, instead of making up an entire new sequence every time. I am also trying to read more, and listen to more podcasts so that I am able to provoke different thoughts and ideas in myself, so that I can share them with my clients.

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