My Registry / Diaper bag advice


For my registry I used amazon because most people are familiar with ordering through their website.

I also found it easy to return items and apply gift cards for payment. In addition to being user friendly, amazon offers a 15% discount towards any purchases you make from your registry.

Here's what baby items I would recommend putting on your registry:

(based on what I've used this first month with baby Dylan)

- Changing table / pad

*most people put this on top of a dresser filled with baby clothes, diapers & wipes, diaper cream or coconut oil, burp clothes and other frequently used items

- Diaper genie & bags

- Rocking chair or glider

- Nightlight(s) great for late night / early AM diaper changes

- Laundry hamper

- Bottles, bottle warmer, bottle drying rack, milk storage bags

(if you plan to have dad or others feed baby or choose to use formula to feed)

- Burp cloths

- Infant car seat and stroller

- Baby carrier or wrap

*I was given (2) hand-me-down baby carriers but they were both too big for her this 1st month so we got

this carrier from Target.

- Window shades, mirror and portable white noise/nature sound machine for car seat

- Nasal syringe

- Thermometer (get one you can use rectally b/c it's more accurate)

- Onesies (short sleeve and long sleeve) skin is protected from sun with clothes instead of SPH in beginning

- Caps / hats for sun protection

- Pants, socks, and sleepwear

- Bouncer, baby lounger (put them on the bed), and swing with music

- Play mat with attachments

- Baby nail clippers or nail buffer

- Infant bath and baby shampoo / body wash, towels and washcloths

- Baby books and soft toys

Items for mom:

- Disposable undies (with built in maxi pad), peri bottle (if you don't get one from the hospital), hot / cold postpartum pads, sitz bath blend, and perineal spray or witch hazel

- Nursing bras / tops, nursing pads (I use a burp cloth under me when I sleep for leaks) and nursing pillow

*nursing cream, lactation bars and tea (it took awhile for my milk to come in)

- Electric breast pump

(I got a wireless one for the convince, but have been using the one I rented from the hospital because it is quicker to pump milk and hurts less)

- Donut pillow to sit on (helps if you have stitches or hemorrhoids post birth)

- Waist trainer (helps with back support and your organs shifting "back into place")

Items you might use right away:

(Dylan was not a fan - we got them but didn't need them)

- Side sleeper / bassinet

- Swaddle blankets (we use them just to keep her warm in her car seat or swing)

Items to use later on:

- Crib, mattress, sheets, mattress protector, mobile and baby monitor

- Blackout curtains (once baby is sleeping in crib) keeping room dark for sleep and light for awake time

- Book shelf

- High chair & bibs

- Playpen (indoor and outdoor)

- Bath toys

Diaper Bag

The diaper bag I've been using I got from amazon (was an item on my registry) listed here

Here's what I have been keeping in it:

- diapers, wipes and diaper cream

- two burp cloths

- change of clothes

- hand sanitizer

- my personal items

Eventually I will have a separate small bag for my personal items (phone, wallet, sunglasses, keys, water bottle, chapstick etc.)

If you are a new mom, or soon-to-be mother and have questions about items to purchase for your newborn please feel free to reach out!

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