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Postpartum physical experience (so far).

Is transformation Tuesday still a thing? haha

I decided to post these few photos, because I am proud of the progress I have made. Growing up a dancer, gymnast turned cheerleader to evolving into a yogi and pilates enthusiast I have always loved to feel strong.

From when Dylan was a newborn to about 7 months I took a total of 3 classes (1 vinyasa, 1 sculpt and 1 reformer). Most days I try to get in 30 minutes of walking in, and 10-20 mins of movement (light arm work, glutei, core, sun salutations or stretching). In the beginning of postpartum I used a waist trainer to help my organs shift back into place, but at my 6 week check up I still had minor ab separation (diastasis recti).

I gained 45 lbs during my pregnancy and even though I'm back to my pre-pregancy weight, I've lost muscle and strength. Most of the time I can only get 30 seconds of movement in when my daughter is distracted playing by herself. I do about 95% of the childcare and she doesn't drink milk from a bottle, so it's been a challenge to get any strength training in during the day.

Keep in mind my genetics, both of my parents are under 5'9 and weigh less than 150 lbs. My diet is vegetarian and I mostly eat small meals or snacks, then have dinner. My guilty pleasure when it comes to food is bread and chocolate, but I don't eat fast food.

Every BODY is different. Every postpartum journey is different. Please don't compare yourself to me. I hope me celebrating my own experience helps you celebrate yours!


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