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Reset Retreat with Anton & Amy 2020

Maya Resort and Spa

Tulum, Mexico

I went on a yoga retreat led by two of my favorite teachers in January 2020, and I still feel like I'm processing all the magic and growth I got from attending it. The retreat was at a resort in Tulum, Mexico and I would highly recommend it especially if you're not interested in the party scene of Tulum.



During this retreat I participated in morning meditations and breath work, workshops on astrology and arm balances, and a closing cacao ceremony on the last night. I loved all the new friends I made, and the group meals we shared. It was powerful to explore the Mayan ruins, and the staff at our resort was so kind.

Leading up to the retreat I was very nervous to travel alone to another country where I would have to go through customs and navigate through a new airport. When I arrived to waiting area outside the gate in Phoenix, there was this little boy staring at me. I looked up at his parents and realized it was my mentors Anton & Amy along with other yogi's who would later become friends.

To make things even better our seats were all next to each other (not intentional - booked through American Airlines where you choose your seats ahead of time). I get nervous to fly, go on long bus / boat rides, so it was SUCH A RELIEF to have the support of this group by my side both to and from the retreat location. One of the first friends I made was a woman named Courtney and her mom who sat next to me on the way there. They are from Canada, and Courtney moved to Scottsdale, AZ around the same time I moved to San Diego and opened up a barre & yoga studio. We bonded off common interests and mutual acquaintances, but what really made me like her was her realness (Virgo). I love when people don't "fake" feelings or act like they're in a good mood when they're not. I like when people have a sense of humor and I can be my blunt & vulgar-self with :)

If you're in Scottsdale, AZ check out her studio: @cayogabarre

Another good friend I made is Adrian. She is also a yoga teacher and works at Courtney's studio, as well as Modern Yoga which is what I would refer to as my "home studio" when I visit where I'm from (Scottsdale, AZ). Adrian is a photographer, and was nice enough to take these photos of me. She too is a real and authentic (Virgo) person, who was easy for me to connect with.

Check out her photography: @adrianlesoingphoto

My roommate on the trip was a Pisces named Annie. She arrived a day later than me and was very easy to "live with" for a few days. Her and I would spend our nights chatting about our families and our yoga journeys.

I was very impressed by the architecture at the resorts in Tulum and loved the color of the ocean water. I would love to go back sometime with friends or family and explore more.


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