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"Get out of your head that your legs need to be straight or it should look a certain way. If you're BREATHING and you're not compromising your body, then you're doing YOGA. Brilliantly, Beautifully." -Seane Corn

For me, yoga is exactly that. It is a self-paced physical workout, and a gateway to my spiritual journey. It helps me relax my mind with the power of the breath.You don't do yoga once, and that's why it is a called a practice. Yoga helps me with my body awareness, and how to observe and appreciate the present moment. It helps me practice mindfulness by quieting the mind, the power of letting go, and the beauty of community. Yoga is traditional, intentional, and it inspires me to be the best version of myself on and off my mat.

Want to learn more about yoga, or deepen your practice? Schedule a session with me :)

Don't live in San Diego? No problem! I help clients virtually through different platforms.


To book a session or inquire about my rates email me at:

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