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the mama diaries (7+ months with my girl)

My dreams and aspirations docked until further notice (and that's ok)!

Teaching and growing my airbrush tanning business are there waiting for me to set sail when I'm ready.

After two decades of babysitting other peoples kids all while longing for the day I had my own, I CHOOSE to be home with my baby. Most of her life she'll be away at school, activities of interest, or living her adult life. I have chosen to cherish these moments at home with her as repetitive or exhausting as they might feel. I respect that other mamas choose differently, and might go to work outside their home or participate in more social actives. Some days I compare my parenting to others and feel insecure about liking this at-home lifestyle I'm in. I think especially after these past two years when there was no choice but to stay home, there is now a pressure to move on and to get out and LIVE! To be around people and never take our freedom for granted. And although I miss my freedom to take a yoga class whenever I want, I choose to be with my daughter. Now if I could clone myself and do both that would be the dream...

photos by Jessica Beamon photography

Shower time is a sacred time, and the only time of day have for myself every day. I am someone who likes to shower at night, and after taking care of a baby all day it is 5 minutes of pure bliss. In these moments feeling the hot water on my skin, the silence with my thoughts is my own daily meditation.

I feel like I'm a cross bread mom when it comes to parenting. I exclusively breast feed but I don't pump.

I co-sleep with my baby and contact nap, but I also have also followed the vaccine schedule (aside from the flu shot). This is why I find it hard to relate to other moms.

Dylan's routine 8+ months

Around this age we stopped being able to go upstairs where she would sleep and mom and dad would watch TV together. At around 6 months we started watching TV with headphones so it didn't disturb her sleep, but by 8 months she would wake up when Matt would move around, or she would smell the food he brought up or wake up from the light of the TV. It was a little sad for us to let go of our quality time routine, but since Dylan and I co-sleep it was what needed to change for now.

  • Between 8am-9am she usually wakes up.

  • I change her diaper and we head upstairs so I can make coffee.

  • As I tidy up the kitchen, she plays independently in the playpen we have in our living room.

  • After mama has her coffee we head back to the nursery to get ready for the day and play a little more.

  • Then we go on our morning walk around the neighborhood for about 20 minutes.

  • When we get home she has breakfast which is usually yogurt or baby food, followed by more play or reading books.

  • Morning nap is between 10am - 11am (at around 10.5 months she started to only get one quality nap a day around 12pm)

  • After her first nap we play together in her playpen in the living room and mama watches an hour of tv in the background.

  • Then she has lunch which is usually some type of fruit, cottage cheese, eggs or waffles.

  • Around 2pm she used to take her 2nd nap of the day, but lately we go on another 20 minute neighborhood walk.

  • I like to take her into her nursery and she dances or plays in her crib while I stretch or workout for 10 minutes.

  • We continue to play and read books until about 5pm when I give her dinner, which is usually some type of vegetable and pasta or potato pancake.

  • She is usually ready for bed sometime between 6:30-7:30pm depending on how the day has gone.

  • Once she's asleep I will watch tv on our iPad with headphones, and thankfully that hasn't disturbed her sleep.

I look forward to transitioning her into a toddler floor bed eventually, at least for her nap(s). This will give me some extra time to clean or workout which would be nice. I will also feel more comfortable leaving her with our babysitters or Matt as she grows up which will allow me to teach or take class more often. Instead of being body obsessed I am trying to focus more on the present and enjoy this time with my daughter.

Want to learn more about what's worked for us in these past few months?

Feel free to email me at:

Friendly reminder to not compare your parenting styles to mine! Whatever you choose, have faith in yourself and trust that you know what's best for you and your family's happiness and well-being.


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